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About STRiDA

Designer Mark Sanders

The first completely new bicycle geometry in 95 years. Inside a triangular frame of lightweight aluminum, power is transferred to the rear wheel via a silent clean Kevlar belt. Handlebars are mounted horizontally so the rider can sit comfortably upright with an excellent view of the road. The genius of the triangular frame is that it can quickly fold. In five seconds, you have a light, compact form that you can easily wheel, stow in a closet, load in your car or take on the train.

Unlike other folding bikes, STRiDA has. . .

a comfortable, upright riding position with superb visibility.
the ability to roll when folded.

the smallest footprint of any full-sized folder.
no gears to worry about. Just pedal and go.

the easiest fold. No need to think about complex sequences. You don’t even need to bend down. Magnets do all the work for you.
a convenient umbrella shape when folded.

a clean, quiet belt.
no oily chain or gears. Your trousers stay pristine.

a large, distinctive triangular frame as the dominant visual.
one-sided wheel mounting for easy tire and tube changes.

a short wheelbase. In bike mode, it takes up much less space than most bikes. Pedestrians will thank you. In folded mode, it takes up next to no space.
the ability to prop up vertically.

a rack that makes a convenient stand when folded.